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New To Scuba

If you have never tried scuba diving before, now is a great time to give it a go and find out what it’s like to breathe underwater. Your day will begin with thorough instruction from one of Dolphin’s professional staff. After that, once we have helped you into your gear, you will join one of our instructors in shallow water. We have been doing try dives for many years so you can relax knowing that you are in the hands of capable professionals. We make a point of being by your side throughout the scuba experience.


Experienced Divers

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork, our staff will help you select equipment if needed. There is no rental charge for using our equipment so no worries if you left yours at home. Once we have a profile of the divers onboard, we organize them according to their experience to ensure that everyone has some great diving. Our standard dive prices include two tank dives per day plus a dive guide. During your surface interval we will provide tea/coffee and cake and give you time to rest before your second dive.

About Us

We opened our doors in 1993 as the first scuba diving center in Kalkan. Since that time, 26 years and counting, we have always approached our business with a serious focus on safety combined with the fun and joy of scuba diving in a comfortable environment. We are a family-oriented business and have enjoyed seeing our ever-increasing number of divers return to us year after year.

Diving in Kalkan

Kalkan has some terrific sites for divers who already hold certification. With our excellent visibility and warm waters, diving in Kalkan is a first-rate experience. Rocky reefs, stunning walls and  the wreck of the Sakarya always offer something new on every dive.

Even ıf you are new to scuba, there are great sheltered dive sites where you are bound to see plenty! Click here for more information.

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